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Steven Ericksen

I’ve been an illustrator, graphic and web designer for the past 18 years. During that time I have discovered and developed the world of Tiny Haven, which you can explore at tinyhaven.com. I’m well versed in the Adobe Creative Cloud software as well as being well versed in HTML5 and CSS3. Using these skills, I have designed, Illustrated and developed several websites ranging from the corporate to the gaming experience, with the highlight being tinyhaven.com. I have created and produced some motion graphics for tinyhaven.com as well.

I really enjoy web and graphic design because it gives me the opportunity to create visual and interactive experiences for those who desire an effective and meaningful Web presence. I designed this entire site using HTML5 and CSS3.

My most recent accomplishment was completing the one year web and multimedia design certificate program at Everett Community College. I have significantly increased my skills and I’m ready to continue to help others make their online ideas their online realities.

The other certificate programs I have completed are the web foundations certificate and database foundations certificate from Cascadia Community College.

I graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle on the Presidents List. My major was Visual Communications.

Current Software Utilized

Proficient in:

Working knowlege of the following software:

I can work on both Mac OS and Windows PC.

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